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Highly Recommended
Rebecca - 02 May 2014
Excellent Service and Advice. Richard is a pleasure to deal with. Extremely patient and knowledgable.
Honesty and integrity
James H - 15 Jul 2013
I have been dealing with Cyber Palace for six years and have purchased more than ten computers in that time, as well as numerous peripherals. Richard's honesty and integrity is exceptional, and I recommend him to everyone.
Highly Recommended
Nathan - 04 Apr 2013
I bought a custom built PC from Richard almost 2 years ago and it is still running just as good as it was when I first ran it. Highly Recommended.
Highly Recommended
Karen M - 22 Feb 2013
We have been regular customers at Cyber Palace for several years now and would never even contemplate going elsewhere. They have built us computers using the best components available for a very competitive price. Their after sales service is excellent and their computer trouble shooting service is rapid and skillful. We highly recommend Richard and his team.
Cyber Palace is GREAT!
Rosemary J - 23 Oct 2012
Cyber Palace is GREAT! I use them for home and work and I'm very satisfied with service and pricing. Very fast and to the point with their advice. Also great at custom-designing computers. Highly recommended.
These guys know the stuff
Brian - 8 Feb 2010
I have been going to Cyber Palace headed by Richard and the crew for almost 10 years now, and they have delivered the best service and very fair pricing every time. Richard and his crew give much more than this, his free advice and knowledge is given with no obligation to shop with him. True old fashion service and quality is what you get. I do recommend this Computer Store very HIGHLY.
First class computer service
Gurubob - 16 Dec 2009
Nothing is too hard at Cyber Palace. Very competitive prices, service with a smile and fantastic advice is what these guys are great at. They can fix your computer in a flash and provide practical computer advice to small businesses like ours. They know their stuff and what's more they are definately not geeks and talk to you in easy to understand lanuguage with no computer jargon.

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